4-H Events & Activities

4-H Events & Activities

The events/activities listed below can be located within Ellis County, part of another County’s 4-H program or a District 8-wide event. Make sure you read the information carefully.


Ellis County Summer Camp 2020  |  July 13-17, 2020

You don’t want to miss out attending the Ellis County 4-H Summer Camp 2020! The camp will be held at Texas A&M AgriLife Extension office the week of July 13th.

There will be a total of three (3) camps: Sewing Camp (July 13th & 14th), STEM Camp (July 15th & 16th), and Pinterest Camp (July 17th). Each camp will have a morning session (9-12 pm) and an afternoon session (1-4 pm): For the Sewing and STEM camps, each day will have a different project but each session (morning and afternoon) will consist of the same project for that day. Pinterest Camp is only one day and the morning session will be the same for the afternoon session (just as it is for Sewing and STEM camps). 

As we are finalizing the specific details to what each Camp will do/make, that information will be shared with you in the upcoming week(s).  Make sure you check your emails!

CLICK HERE to reserve your spot!


2020 Texas 4-H Dog {Show} Photography Contest

When the Texas 4-H Dog Show was cancelled, it was decided to expand the opportunity to participate in the Dog Photography Contest. This contest is open to any enrolled 4-H member and the entry fee has been waived!  Entry deadline is July 1, 2020. 

If you have already submitted photo to the Texas 4-H Dog Show Photography Contest, please re-submit them to this link: https://walker.agrilife.org/4h/texas-4-h-dog-show-photography-contest/

To help with processing, please name your photos with the following format: Category, Exhibitor’s Last Name and First Initial. For example, if Suzy Clover was entering a photo into the “Theme” category, the photo would be named “theme.clover.s”  Siblings with the same initials may want to use the whole first name.

The categories have also expanded to include:

  • Dog Still Life – Dogs alone or in a group which are posed or not moving.  Such photos should focus on participation in the companion animal project.
  • Dog Active – Dogs alone or in a group which are active.  Such photos should focus on participation in the companion animal project.Storyboard – A storyboard is one digital entry that contains 3 to 5 photos and minimal text that tells a story.  The story should pertain to the companion animal project and should be easily understood by the viewer.   Examples include: Three (3) images depicting a dog competing in different stages, with the title “Grand Champion:Theme – “Promote 4-H Dog Project should contain photo that promote the 4-H Dog Project.
  • Funny Dog – Capture your dog doing silly things, dressed up or any other dog photo that would bring a smile or laugh to the viewer.
  • Fur Family – Family photos that include your family dogs.We are anxious to see the fun, creative ways you find to showcase your photography skills and the dog project!

Sheep Capital Lamb Camp 2020

Date: July 31-August 2, 2020

Location: Fairgrounds of the San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo

CLICK HERE for details and registration information

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