4-H Member’s Resources & Current Information (Ellis County)

This page has information, links, and resources for the members of Ellis County 4-H Clubs. If you are not a member and would like to learn more, Click Here!

ECYE 2020 Virtual Sale | Thank You Note(s)/Buyer INFO!

For buyer/company name and address information to use in your Thank You notes, CLICK HERE to open the spreadsheet. 


District 8 4-H Youth Development

Ellis County is part of District 8. Click the link above to learn more about what’s going on across the District.                 

Registration Instructions (for returning members):

  1. Access the 4-H CONNECT on-line system
  2. Select {I have a profile} or {I forgot my password}
    • Contact County Extension Office for resetting assistance.
  3. Click {Edit} to the right of the inactive member’s profile
  4. Once all profile information is current and correct under the Personal Information, Additional Information, Health Form, and Participation areas of enrollment continue to the Invoice page.
  5. Review your invoice to ensure that the participation fee has been charged and it is correct.
  6. If the credit card on file has been updated you will need to remove it and add the credit card again using the new information.
  7. Select the appropriate method of payment by clicking on the correct button, then click {Select Payment Method}
  8. On the “Confirm page” each person will be required to click the {Pay By Computer Terms and Conditions}. Click {Submit Enrollment}
  9. Once an enrollment (new member) or re-enrollment (returning member) has been submitted, it is sent to the county office for review and approval. Once approved and paid for, an email confirmation will be sent to the family email address. Payment by 4-H Check can take up to 2 weeks to process. An active membership status WILL NOT be granted until participation fees have been received and marked as paid.

quick links …

Project Resources

Awards Applications

Scholarship Opportunities

Clover Leaf Newsletter

4-HOnline (aka 4-H Connect)

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