Walk N Talk

Walk N Talk (Walk Across Texas)

With added nutrition messages in a discussion format, Educators walk with the BLT participants once a week while discussing nutrition topics, focusing on Fruits & Vegetables (accessibility, gardening, nutrients, recipes, etc.) and Healthy Drinks (hydration, flavored waters, sugary drinks, etc.). This is an eight-week series.

To keep up your new healthy exercise habit, you can participate in Walk Across Texas. This eight-week walking program is geared toward teams of eight (8) people. Teams have a friendly competition to see who can log the most miles walking, jogging, or biking. You can even dance, do aerobics, or ride a stationary bike! Everyone’s miles are recorded on the Texas map and posted publicly so everyone can see their progress. You can also enter your miles on the Web and track your progress online. The team that walks the farthest “across Texas” will win, but everyone participating will take home a healthy habit – walking for fitness!

Contact Better Living for Texans County Extension Agent, Jade Edgar to learn more about the program, via email (jade.edgar@ag.tamu.edu) or phone (972-825-5175).

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