Ellis County Master Naturalist

Master Naturalist

Volunteer programs such as the Texas Master Naturalist™ program can be an intricate part of a community’s response to improve, maintain, and educate the importance of preserving our natural resources. To plant seeds of environmental awareness in kids and adults within our community becomes the necessary step in successfully demonstrating good conservation practices. Since 1997, the Texas Master Naturalist™ program has grown to include 43 chapters and more than 8,900 volunteers serving Texas communities throughout 75 percent of the state’s counties. An individual gains the designation of Texas Master Naturalist™ after participating in an approved chapter training program with a minimum of 40 hours of combined field and classroom instruction, obtaining 8 hours of approved advanced training, and completing 40 hours of volunteer service. Following the initial training program, trainees have one year to complete their 40 hours of volunteer service and 8 hours of advanced training. To retain the Texas Master Naturalist title during each subsequent year, volunteers must complete 8 additional hours of advanced training and provide an additional 40 hours of volunteer service coordinated through their local chapter.

To learn more about Texas Master Naturalist™ (Indian Trail Master Naturalists), in Ellis and Navarro counties, Click Here. To send an email with your inquiries to an Indian Trail Master Naturalist, Click Here. You can also call the Ellis County Texas A&M AgriLife Extension office at (972) 825-5175.

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