Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a strategy used to manage insect pests in the landscape by using economically and environmentally sustainable practices.

Key Steps in IPM

  1. Scout and monitor for pests and damage
  2. Accurate pest identification
  3. Recognize and diagnose plant damage
  4. Determine an action threshold
  5. Apply appropriate IPM practices
  6. Evaluate the success of your program and make needed adjustments to prevent pest problems

Texas IPM Blacklands IPM Updates

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The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service’s Integrated Pest Management Program has developed an IPM Audio Update for different regions of Texas. These audio updates are released weekly and when subscribing with a cell phone number, you will receive a text when the new audio clip is posted with a link to the recording. To sign up for the Audio Update that cover the Central Texas Blacklands, North East Texas, the Brazos River bottom, and Upper Gulf Coast click here. To register for audio updates from other regions in Texas please click here.

Access our Repository for past Blacklands IMP updates: Click Here

To learn about the history of IPM, click HERE.

Click HERE, or on Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring book image, to learn more!

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension website has a robust selection of information surrounding pest management for you to read and research. To check out the resources, click here!

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